Believe this or not, the most important type of hunting is the South Dakota pheasant hunting, and this is something a lot of people try to do at least one time in their career. If you don’t live in South Dakota this state is worth a trip to try pheasant hunting, and you will surely visit the place again and again. Here we will share some information on the South Dakota’s pheasant hunting and some top locations where you can go for hunting. This will make it easier for you to get started quickly.

The very first thing you will need is the hunting license, as it is the main base of hunting expedition. Even if you don’t live in the state you can purchase a license through internet for a small game, and for this you only need a credit card to purchase the license. With addition to this you can even buy the license from agents in the state. But if you are from the state and have been hunting previously, you will then need to buy the license every year. And if you don’t live in South Dakota you will require no resident license, and that will cost you around hundred dollars which will be valid for 10 days, and should be separated in two different hunting trips.

Now this makes choosing the correct time of the year critical as pheasant are out more often sometimes than others, and look for the best time in the area where you will be going. So let’s discover some of the top South Dakota pheasant hunting locations.

1. Hillside location hunting with wild birds:

Hillside farm is a working farm with a lot of crop land, mainly beans and corn, but there is a lot more than the unfarmed land and that makes this place a gem. The farms holds bird all season and helps them in surviving even in tough winters. An area where a good amount of land is used for farming attracts more and more pheasants for food purposes and this farm is among them. You will see dugouts with long trees and grass and a lot of wild birds. For lodging you will find a huge variety of lodging just 30 miles away and is included in hunting package. If you wish to upgrade your motel lodging then you need to ask about this at the time of booking as the availability of the motel is very important.

2. Pheasant valley in South Dakota:

This valley is the smallest farm however the hunting goes very well. The farm is ideal for 2 to 3 hunters and is very popular with people for a long time with overall good success rates. The farm has a creek through it covered with some crops mainly corn. You will see an overgrown homestead along with the shelter belt covering it, small slough and some draws with dugout water pit. Also fence lines in the farm are grassy and thick, just like the hunters want. This farm has a motel in the town which allows dogs in rooms and also has bird cleaning site.

3. Pheasantville in South Dakota:

This farm is very large of 1500 acres and goes perfect for large groups of five to six hunters. It is broken in several parcels with lots of various hot places for multiple flushes. Also there are a few miles of brushy fence rows perfect for three hunters to go away from the group for an afternoon stroll. The property has everything: sloughs, CRP, wooded homestead, some cattle and crops, gravel pit, making this an ideal mixture of summer, spring and winter cover food for a good amount of wild life pheasants throughout the year. For lodging you will find both motel and private house lodging available in this town.

4. Hosmer heaven in South Dakota:

This land is used for pheasant hunting first and crops secondly. Food plots, tons of cover, crops, dozens of trees row, sloughs. There are around 400 acre of undisturbed pheasant which includes dugouts, grassland CRP, hay land, shelterbelt CRP, and sloughs. This property is very exciting for hunting. You will see tree rows and food plots as well. Hunting for five to six days is one option here. For lodging you get rental homes in nearby bowdle or on site and the approximate distance from the lodging to farm is around 15 miles.